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What to Do When You Have Transponder Key Issues

You may use a transponder key and not even know it. If you have a key that enables you to open your car door without placing directly into the door, you have a transponder key. Newer model automobiles are designed to be used with a transponder key. The transponder key also enables you to set your alarm, open your trunk and start the engine with your transponder key. Your key has what is known as a chip inside. This chip then sends a signal to a computer that is associated specifically with your car. Once the signal is received, your key will unlock your steering and enable you to activate your cars ignition. Transponder keys ae very common today. The other benefit of having a transponder key is that they make stealing a car more difficult to do. Yes, as you probably guessed it, a transponder key is definitely more expensive than a standard key, but reasonably so. Just consider the benefits and you’ll clearly understand why this is the case. However, when considering the benefits, you must also consider the disadvantages associated with having a transponder key.

At Brookhaven Locksmith Pros, we always recommend that you have an extra transponder key made. You are usually offered an additional key when you buy your car. If you are not, you should certainly ask how you can get another one. In many cases, you can negotiate the cost of an additional transponder key into the price of the car. If you ever lose your existing key, it will be less of a hassle getting back inside if there is a spare one that someone can bring to you. Having a transponder key made can be expensive, this is why you should always negotiate with the dealership whenever you can, to get another key. You can rest assured that relying on the services of a locksmith for a new transponder key is less expensive than getting it from a dealership, unless they include it in the price of your car.

Just be aware of the fact that even though it is more difficult to steal your car with a transponder key, if your key is ever stolen, a thief can easily drive off in your car. Let’s just say, for instance, your key falls out of your car in a parking lot. Someone who wants to steal your car only needs to press a button to determine which vehicle that key belongs to. Once the car has been identified, they can just hop in and take off.

Lost Transponder Key

Since it takes more to make a transponder key than it does to have a standard key made, you certainly wouldn’t want to lose it. However, if you happen to do so, we want you to know what your options area. A standard key is easy to have made. You go to your local hardware store and ask them to make a key. It’s just that simple. Again, it can be very expensive to have a transponder key made, especially if you rely on a dealership. You should, however, let the dealership know that you have lost your key and find out what they are willing to do on your behalf. The other issue is you don’t know if the key was deliberately taken or if you actually lost it. In either case, someone has your key and if they want to, they can steal your car. When you have a new transponder key made, they signal will also be changed so that the person with the other key will no longer have access to your car.

What If Your Key Stops Working

There are several ways that your key might stop working. Here are a few of them.

Manufacturer Defects – If it is determined that your key is no longer working because of a manufacturer defect, you may be able to receive another one if it is still under warranty. If it isn’t, your best bet will be to get another key from Brookhaven Locksmith Pros.

Communication Issue – When your key is not communicating with the centralized computer, you’ll experience a problem with the key working when you need it to. This means that the computer chip is no longer programmed. The only way to get it working again is to allow our locksmith to reprogram it for you.

Something in Ignition – If there is something small in your ignition that you can’t see, it could cause you to have trouble using your transponder key. A professional locksmith will be able to identify and resolve the problem for you in no time. In some cases, they can resolve the problem without replacing the ignition switch.

These are just some of the most common reasons we see for a transponder key that will not work. There may be other reasons not discussed above. If you are concerned about your transponder key not working, feel free to stop by and let us have a look at your key. If your key has been run over, your chip is falling out or you notice that it works sometimes but not all of the time, this would be a good time to stop by the dealership to let us have a look at the key and see what we can do to fix it for you. Your key may need to be replaced before it’s too late. In some cases, our locksmith can fix it, if you bring it to them in time. However, if you want to go on using your key without interruption, you’ll need to be proactive.

Like we stated in the beginning, a transponder key is a great thing to have, there are pros and cons to owning one. However, the pros far outweigh the bad. You may be reading this because you have a transponder key but you have yet to experience a problem with it. We encourage you to take note in case the day does come when you have problems with your transponder key.